Re: not sure what kind of virus in my recycle bin

From: Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] (
Date: 08/13/04

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 10:44:58 -0400

Empty your recycle bin.

MRoe wrote:
> when tried to defrag my main disk(C:\) with standard
> defragmenter provided in system tools, popup msg showed
> up alerting me that the scan has been canceled because an
> error occured in file:
> C:\Recycled\[such_a_file_name].xml.
> i thought it was a kind of worm virus.. I've tried to
> install newest security patch from windowsupdate, run the
> symantec corporate edition and the worm fixtools from
> symantec (in case of it). but, not all.
> the suspiciuos file still exist, and .. dont know what to
> do (very worried that someday my pc is being disturbed by
> this bug.. ).
> i use windows xp corporate edition, connected to LAN and
> internet always
> thanks for immediate responsFirst