Re: Outlook Express - messages with attachments

From: N. Miller (
Date: 08/13/04

Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 21:36:00 -0700

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Vmlja2k=?= says...

> I have been getting complaints from clients who say my messages are being
> sent up to 6 times - first five have the same number of kbs, sixth has less.
> And, the information is gibberish. Or, they can't open the files. I have
> run virus scans -and everything says it's okay.
> So, what do I do?

You have already done about all that you can do. You posted under
''. That is not a real email address, but it
is subject to harvesting by spam 'bots and viruses. It is currently resident
on my HDD, in the Super Gravity message store; which is where my news client
stores the message headers of such messages as I have read. Viruses have
been known to look there, as well as in address books, to find email
addresses. The latest viruses, since at least the last year, or two, forge
the sender email address in order to deflect attention away from the actual
infected computer. Aside from what you have done, and trying to track down
the appropriate ISP abuse department by reading the message headers, there
is little else that can be done.

Except, perhaps, to pray for a miracle. Either that all malware writers will
see the error of their ways, and go straight, or that all Internet users
will recognize that they have a personal responsibly to keep their computers
free of such vermin. I am not greedy; just one of those miracles will
satisfy me.

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