RE: MSIEXEC32.EXE File Infected !

Date: 08/08/04

Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 20:05:01 -0700

Thank you guys ! I know that, but it´s very tough to reach an clean that
virus. The antivirus recognizes as Elkern.4926 but in fact is Ainesey.A. The
virus definiton are up to date but doesn´t clean that plage ! I reinstalled
the AV but it persist !
The way that I found to "solve" this issue was renaming the user profile but
isn´t a good practice. I ran the McAfee Tool named Stinger (wich is
EXCELLENT) and didn´t clean it !
Again... SOS ! SOS ! SOS !

"JAZURITA" wrote:

> Hello Guys !
> I got the message from my Symantec Antivirus that a file named MSIEXEC32.EXE
> is infected by a virus. If you look at the documentation for this file it
> really doesn´t exist but the virus lows the security level for Office
> application, especially Excel.
> Have any of you found the solution for it ?
> --
> Thanks to all !