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Date: 08/05/04

Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 08:52:00 -0700

Nailbunny wrote:

See my comments inline:

> ok, thank you for the post, however...
> 1.The site i was directed to was from ntl (my internet
> provider)and it provided me with a McAfee stinger so I
> asumed it could be trusted... not that it helped

If your ISP contacted you and said you were infected with something,
that would make sense. However, it sounds like your computer is
infested with viruses and spyware.

Stinger is a useful first-line tool because it is standalone; i.e., it
doesn't need to be installed. However, it only checks for about 40+ of
the more common viruses. You absolutely still need to have a
full-featured antivirus installed and be using updated virus
> 2.I already have Ad-aware and it is set to scan on every
> bootup, it isn't finding any adware/spyware.

Ad-aware is a great program, but you need more than one spyware removal
tool, per my previous post.
> 3.Explorer WILL NOT let me view ANY sites not linked to
> microsoft so I literaly CANNOT download any anti-virus
> software at the moment or goto any of the sites you
> recommended.

Of course you need to download necessary programs and updates from a
different, clean machine and then burn them to cd-r to use on your own
computer. As for your inability to get to necessary sites, check your
hosts files, as follows:

1. In XP's Search preferences, set the files and folders handling to
Advanced, and then check the box that will make Search look in hidden
2. Now enter the search term "hosts" without the quotes.
3. You will get several hosts and lmhosts files. Double-click each one
to open it. When you do this, you'll get a Windows dialog box saying
that Windows cannot open this file, do you want to use the web or
select from a list to find the proper program. Choose "select from a
list" and highlight Notepad. Make sure the box to always use this
program to open this type of file is not checked.
4. Now carefully examine the file. Lines that begin with a # are
comments and don't count. Leave them alone. Unless you know you use a
proxy server to get to the Internet or you added entries yourself, the
only uncommented entry that should be there is: localhost

If you see any other entries, delete them and Save the file. Make sure
you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the window if there is a
scrollbar. Do this for each file you found. Now you should be able to
get to antivirus and spyware-fighting websites.

> As for my system:
> eMachines 620
> Windows XP home edition
> Ver 2002
> Service pack 1 (i think that needs updating)

If you are unable to clean your computer yourself and/or don't have
access to another computer to get removal/antivirus tools, take the
machine to a good local computer repair shop and have them fix it for

Good luck,


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