From: 007TAT (007TAT_at_discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: 08/03/04

Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 07:43:06 -0700

A few times this week while surfing the internet, a pop-up window came up, it said" Microsoft Internet Explorer, I-Worm.Mydoom Virus Detected. Click OK to Scan and Disinfect. Have you ever heard of a pop-up window from Microsoft coming up telling you that you had a virus. I am up to date with my Norton virus updates and I have done a full computer scan and it says there is no virus on my computer. Does any one have any insight on this pop up window. I have just been hitting the x and closing the window. I am afraid if I click ok to scan and disinfect, I will get a virus. Please advise. Thank you!