From: Wayner (
Date: 07/02/04

Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 09:21:28 -0700

Has anyone seen a variant of CWS that seems to use Office
2003 install? I have tried to remove the program
manually, Ad Aware and Spybot do not remove it. After
manually deleting registery entries, on reboot I get
the "installing MS Office 2003" dialog box - like when
you first open a new profile, and then the Web page is
set back to the CWS stuff. If I cancel this install a
few times it goes away, but then when I click on IE I
again get the "Installing MS Office 2003" dialog box and
the CWS comes back. The machine is an XP SP1, all
security updates, Symantec corporate, Adaware and spybot
Thanks - Wayner

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