Re: Buy a PC at Best Buy today and plug it in - how long till I get a virus?

From: Jupiter Jones [MVP] (
Date: 05/02/04

Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 23:14:11 -0600

The antivirus is not usually the issue in that case although it should
be done, but not first.
First, BEFORE physically connecting the network cable enable the have just eliminated most possible issues since surfing
and Email is not yet an issue.
Second is get all the Critical Updates from Windows Update.
Third, now update the antivirus.
You are now ready to go but a good spyware application is a very good

The OEMs may or may not enable the firewall.
If not Blaster or similar could be in within seconds.
With the firewall enabled, you are reasonably safe as long as you stay
away from surfing and Email.
Just get all patches and updates before surfing or Email.

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Jupiter Jones  [MVP]
"BeamGuy" <> wrote in message
> Here is a hypothetical question...  If I were to go down to best buy
> buy a PC today, take it home, unbox it and plug it in how long would
> take before a virus found it's way to my computer?
> Lets assume it has a virus scanner included from the manufacturer,
but it
> has been in the box for 3 months so the virus definitions are out of
> It clearly won't be sitting there polling constantly for an internet
> mine takes maybe 10 minutes after I have reboot to determine that
there is
> an internet connection and download the patches.... If it is a 28K
> connection it could take quite some time to download the whole
> I could be without virus protection for maybe 30 minutes or more
even if
> I am on the ball and the vendor provided virus protection in the
> And for system patches - lets assume I have read the news, know that
> system is wide open for exploitation as soon as it is plugged into
the internet and
> immediately start downloading the system patches.  With broadband I
> be lucky enough to finish patching the system before a virus
strikes, but these
> days I am getting hundreds of hits an hour on my firewall mostly
from viruses.
> It is more likely that my system will be compromised before I can
patch it,
> even if I am on the ball and do the right thing and upgrade
immediately instead
> of fooling around browing the web.
> --------------------
> Did I miss something, or is everyone who takes home a computer
> with a dialup modem going to have a virus on their machine within 10
> of plugging it in? And those with high speed internet will suffer
the same unless
> they have a firewall router and read the manual in advance to turn
the firewall
> on.