Re: MS Firewall

From: Veronica Loell (
Date: 01/29/04

Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:34:27 +0100

Big mark wrote / skrev:

> Hello folks
> Can anyone tell me if the Windows XP built in firewall is any good as I do
> not see any comments about it
> Cheers
> Mark

The built-in firewall only blocks incoming traffic. A "real" personal
firewall such as ZoneAlarm for example will let you control what
programs are allowed to connect out to the internet as well.

If you get one of the new mass-mailing worms in your computer the
XP-firewall would not stop it sending emails from your computer. A
"real" personal firewall however will pop up a question about whether
you want the virus-program to access the internet or not. Hence alering
you that there is something wrong with your computer.

- Veronica Loell