Re: Reading Email while onLine

From: Richard Mueller (
Date: 01/19/04

Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 15:56:07 -0800

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I check for MS updates weekly and update my NAV weekly, run a firewall, and scan with Spybot Search & Destroy. Before last fall I didn't munge my email in the newsgroups. I'm sure my address is in machines all over the world. I figured it was valuable to be the canary. I was among the first to investigate Sobig and Swen, so I could alert others. However, getting 1000 message per day made be change my thinking. My ISP claims to scan for viruses, and in truth I get a few messages per day alerting me that they blocked an infected message. I keep complaining that first, their scanning missed 10's of thousands of infected messasges, and second, stop sending me the junk alerts (which are more difficult to automatically delete since they have the virus code stripped out). They are getting tired of me.

I see html source that uses the IFrame file download exploit to run code. I assume this can only run code in an attachment. Is there any way html can run code from links to urls over the Internet without me clicking on a hyperlink? Or, does configuring IE to prompt me before running scripts and installing controls protect me?