computer crashed

From: Snowsquall (
Date: 01/19/04

Date: 18 Jan 2004 15:22:29 -0800

Last week I was on IRC and found out I had an older version with a
security hole. Someone on IRC said someone could plant a trojan and
trash the computer. I haven't been on IRC since. But when the
computer crashed, my mind started racing. Suppose a trojan was
planted and was set to go off a week later..... Oh I worry too much.

This is what happened:
Our main computer froze and then it would not come back on.
Here's the sequence of events:
First the computer froze just after visiting newspaper archives.
Then the "on off"(front)switch would not turn it off.
So we shut it off at the back. (Like shutting off the power cord)
But the "on off" switch did turn the computer on.
Now the computer is on.
The fan works. It is cool (no heating up)
The monitor has a green light and a message on the screen.
The message says "monitor is working"
                             "please check the video cable and
OK so nothing wrong with the monitor.
The light is green so the connection to the video card must be OK.
So the front switch does not turn it off but will turn it on.
I seem to hear the harddrive doing something but no evidence on the
screen. I know this is not really a virus issue but I would like some
feedback if possible anyway.