Re: azc reply to jasons post re posting email address's

From: Bill Sanderson (
Date: 10/07/03

Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 15:11:14 -0400

You've brought to mind an interesting question, which I need to look at a

In the case of the average website, we've been taught since infancy to look
at the privacy statement, or trust our browser to check it electronically
for adherance to our choices as expressed in setting up the browser.

When we navigate to a web-based forum, are we presented with a clear
statement that we've just opened a door to the outside world, and are no
longer in "protected space"? Ditto, what if we navigate to such a web-based
forum via the Help and Support mechanism in our OS?

Myself, I suspect that these warnings are in place, but I don't remember
them being as crystal clear as those I get when moving between commercial
portals and privately operated web sites, I think.

"foggyrivers" <no@spam.spam> wrote in message
> Frankly, anyone should use common sense in using the web and reading these
> newsgroups, I realize a lot of people out there don't even bother to read
> previous postings before asking redundant questions. I admire the MVPs
> their patients in answering the same questions over and over and over
> without totally losing it.
> You, sir (or madam), and all the other web users out there need to do
> research on using the web safely before you venture out into it or believe
> all the email you receive or actually post to a newsgroup or sign up for
> ANYTHING. This newsgroup has warned numerous times about these sorts of
> things.
> It used to be that only certain groups used the internet and it was a lot
> safer place but since "anyone" today can surf and "anyone" today can
> the vile infections that come into our computers and ruin them, so it is a
> necessity to listen to these MVPs.
> May I also suggest to you to try and
> and there are a lot of sites out there devoted to security
> .
> If you get offended at the answers then maybe you are asking a question
> has been posed far too many times and your skin is too thin.
> "mikem" <> wrote in message
> news:117601c38ce2$b8d68570$a401280a@phx.gbl...
> > This is regarding andrew z carpenters reply to a previous
> > post nameed POSTING EMAIL ADDRESS BY JASON. regarding
> > being spammed with virus emails from MS
> >
> > To be honest Andrew this not good enough especially coming
> > from an MVP.
> >
> > Most people that use this knowledge base either did not
> > realise this and supplied their correct email address or
> > trusted the M.S. site.
> >
> > This is an MS issue and it needs to be sorted out and
> > smarmy little replies like that lose respect in MVP`s MS
> > and is generally helping whoever is sending these emails
> > make people hate MS even more.
> >
> > You have let yourself down MS and the users of this
> > knowledge by that posting.
> >
> > Mikem
> >