Re: norton antivirus 2004? what result?

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Date: 09/29/03

Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 14:08:25 -0700

Well said, Phil.

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>Never engage in interplay, when the source is obviously
>malcontent teenagers; or someone with too much time on
>their hands; or someone who enjoys immature information
>interchanges located on blogs; or some one who is
>indistiguisable or akin to all the aforementioned. It is
>fruitless persuit because they are tireless in their
>nuisance persuits.
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>>Gee, would you just read the post before replying? It
>a VERY bad bad
>>thing to download an antivirus protection program. Ya
>wanna know why? It's
>>because, if your machine is infected, the virus or worm
>can tamper with the
>>download before you get to it. Sure, some antivirus
>program without much
>>circulation may not be targeted at the moment, but do
>really want to be
>>dependent on how little known your antivirus protection
>program may be?
>>Phil Weldon,
>>"Lady Layla" <> wrote in message
>>> Have you ever heard of AVG? E-Trust? Housecall? These
>are excellent
>>> that are all downloaded and installed Have you heard
>of McAfee? This is
>>> program that comes on CD that is one of the worst AV's.
>>> It is not in the best interest to just get any AV ==
>you have got to get
>>> that actually works and does what it says it is goign
>to do without
>>> the productivity of your system.
>>> "Phil Weldon" <> wrote in message
>>> news:EmZdb.42793
>>> : Norton AntiVirus 2004 is, functionally, probably no
>better than NAV
>>> : The important thing is to make sure the virus
>definitions are updated
>>> :
>>> : DO NOT, however, purchase any antivirus program as a
>download. If your
>>> : machine is infected, the virus/worm may prevent
>proper installation.
>>> : install an antivirus program from known clean media,
>ideally a CD-ROM
>>> : the publisher.
>>> :
>>> : ANY antivirus program from the big four antivirus
>program publishers
>>> : good results if the definitions are kept up-to-
>Just get one and
>>> : install it. Set it to scan e-mail. Keep the virus
>>> :
>>> : Phil Weldon,
>>> :
>>> :
>>> : "victor" <> wrote in message
>>> : news:104c01c38678$2cec5870$a001280a@phx.gbl...
>>> : > how about the newest norton antivirus 2004?
>>> : > does that software receive 100% protection award?
>>> : > is this the strongest and smartest for detecting?
>>> :
>>> :