Re: Stop Receive Worm.Automat.AHB Virus

From: Pam (pfloresatcharterdotnet)
Date: 09/25/03

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 12:38:02 -0700

Hi: If you're using OE, or web mail, you can set up rules that will filter
the email from downloading to your computer. This worked for me, and I used
the most commonly occurring words in the subject line of the email, and
block it. Also, you can get a program that does this as well. I'm not sure
of the name, but I think it is Mailwasher. Scroll down the page and look
for post's that mention it. I've no experience with it, but other's seem to
like it. You can also get a new email acct. if your getting an inordinate
amount of these, but just to let you know, I only rec'd 2 yesterday (at
server level), none today, so I think they're slowing down, at least in my
case. Also very important, Don't post your real email add on any Internet
site, unless you absolutely have to. Munge your email add before you post.
Read the following link, posted by Yokenny.

Bill Sanderson posted another one as well, a couple of days ago, but I can't
find it. Follow this advice. I know that's how I got these emails, I no
longer post real add.