Re: Worm swen.a

From: helper (there)
Date: 09/23/03

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 21:00:12 -0400

Follow all the instructions carefully:

If nothing helps, you'll have to create "Rescue disk"
from your Antivirus Software and boot into "real" DOS.
Then scan your hard drives. In most AV software creating
a "Rescue Disk" is a menu option with Wizard to help you through.

"Pauline" <> wrote in message news:0a6501c38168$e41af660$a301280a@phx.gbl...
> did a studid thing yesterday and opened an email from
> allegedly microsoft saying it was a security patch
> download. After downloeading and installing I received
> the worm swen.a virus and I can't get ri of the dam
> thing. I have run PC Cillin 2003 which gave me the name
> of the virus but it cannot quarantine it. I have
> downloaded and installed the worm blaster patch and the
> XPKB824146 patch re booted a number of times but no good.
> PCCillin recommend I stop internet traffic but to do that
> I can't sort this out. PLEASE HELP ANYONE

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