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Date: 09/18/03

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 09:22:05 +0100

> "Eric Hulet" <> wrote
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> OK, I have this mystery re trying to install Norton
> Internet Security 2003 on my XP Pro. When install first
> begins, I get an error message which says "Policies set
> by Administrator prevent this installation". Hey, I am
> the administrator! And I didn't set anything and can't
> find where the policy is set. I have disabled the XP
> firewall per the instructions. I have disabled the
> System Restore. I have created another User account,
> then logged on as Adminstrator. Still can't figure this
> out. Any ideas?

Sounds like you've pretty much tried everything I would
have tried. It could be that someone already 'owns' your
computer and has set the system policies to try to prevent
you from detecting and removing their access.

Do you have antivirus software currently installed? Is
it updated? If not, install some, or update the one you
have now, and run a full scan of your computer. You
might be wise to also run a scan with software specifically
designed to detect trojans. Try The Cleaner from MooSoft

As for undoing whatever policies may be in place on your
computer, perhaps consult with a group with people more
adept at general policy tweaking. Try the following


If you copy and paste that into the address bar of your
browser, it should open up outlook express to the correct

Good luck!

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