Feedback on MSDN Library content

Microsoft welcomes your feedback on MSDN Library content.

Each topic in the MSDN Library provides three methods for providing feedback
to the topic owner:

1. "Send comments about this topic to Microsoft" link. This link generates
an e-mail message that is identified with the specific topic you are reading.
You can provide detailed written suggestions for improving the topic, and we
may contact you for further clarification of your suggestions. After your
suggestions have been incorporated into the topic, we remove your e-mail
address from our system. For more information about Microsoft's privacy
policy, see

2. "Click to Rate and Give Feedback" stars in the upper right of each
topic. Your rating and feedback comments are recorded and reviewed to
understand how you would like us to improve the topic. No personally
identifiable information (PII) is collected.

3. "Community Content" annotation control at the bottom of each topic. Have
you discovered something that would help other readers? You can share it here.

Thank you for your participation.

Jo A. Lines
Technical Editor
Windows Server SDK