LsaLogonUser and KERB_SMART_CARD_LOGON (Solution)


I have managed to get LsaLogonUser working with KERB_SMART_CARD_LOGON in
order to authenticate a user using a smart card.
The advantage of this approach over using KERB_SMARTCARD_CSP_INFO is that it
is working for all Windows versions starting from Windows 2000 to Windows it's very portable!
As for my previous posting concerning the usage of KERB_SMARTCARD_CSP_INFO,
the main difficulty was the lack of documentation from Microsoft about its
usage, so I had to guess the correct format (especially for the CspData
filed) through extensive debugging.

You can get the source code of a working sample from the following link :

I hope this will be useful.


To reach me: mounir_idrix_fr (replace the underscores with the at and dot
characters respectively)

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