Re: Please help: DSAParameters

lslarry86 a écrit :

One of my clients has PC .Net code that uses DSA.FromXmlString
(PubKey); to validate a signature on an RFID tag. The system works
well on the PC. The XML string looks like:

String PubKey = "<DSAKeyValue><P>rze...r0=</P><Q>5SZ...3c=</

where components are base-64 encoded.
you shall so perform a base64 decoding (what you apparently try
to do in your second post).
there are still several ways to fail that convertion, first
characters are always coded in Unicode under WinCE, depending
of your string processing (did you read and parse the XML?),
the char to byte decoding can be invalid.

did you compare both PC & HPC results of *each* steps ?