Re: Performance extension DLL not working in W2K8 unless in sessio

Excellent! I am glad my guess was useful :)

So you just had to prepend "global\" to the name of your object?


"Greg Williams" <GregWilliams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Thanks for that link. It provided the hint I needed to figure out what
going on. The problem was that the named shared memory object used to
communicate the performance counters to my performance extension DLL was
in the global namespace. So a user session could not access the
counters, which lived in a non-global named object created by my service
running in session 0.

It probably never really worked before W2K8 except in the case where the
user was logged into session 0. So the increased security in W2K8 exposed
bug in my performance extension implementation.

I don't claim to understand the details here, but if it is only happening
Windows Server 2008, I would take a look at how Session 0 Isolation, a
security feature, affects your application:

Session 0 Isolation

-- Greg
Greg Williams
Software Engineer
IBM Internet Security Systems


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