Re: Vista/2008 cmdline Security Tools?

Hello Gerry

I understand your concerns and the frustration. I have been working with
you in many threads and you helped us discover many product issues. These
issues make it inconvenient for you to do the development. I sincerely want
to help you out and give you the confidence that the use of our supports is

The difficulties that I (we) are faced with are that 1) fixing a bug at
Microsoft is an extremely rigorous process where the product group tries to
ensure that while fixing one issue we do not create other multiple issues
or break the product at other places. If you want a quick fix, you may
consider contacting Microsoft CSS support and asking for a hot fix. PG will
consider the hotfix based on the severity of the issue. 2) Sometimes, it is
difficult to find the right owner of a product as Dave said. I have being
trying to connect to the right contact person of the resource kit in the
past days. Please give me another couple of days. If I still do not have
any progress, my team will take action to find more effective approaches to
help you.

Best Regards,
Jialiang Ge (jialge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, remove 'online.')
Microsoft Online Community Support

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