Re: LSA vs LSP GUI on Vista/2008?

Hello Gerry

Am I correct in thinking the ONLY way to programatically obtain the
LSA privs information is using C/C++ with the Windows API? No way
to use COM, .NET or WMI?

You can call the native API in .NET using P/Invoke. Here is an example:

As far as I know, there is no built-in WMI class or COM object to list LSA
privs (I will double confirm it with the product group and will let you
know if I was wrong). However, it's not difficult to write such a COM
object by ourselves. If your business context allows writing and using your
own COM object, please refer to this sample:
It has a sample named ATLActiveXDll, which is an in-process COM server
written in ATL. In the Readme.txt file of the sample, you can find the
detailed steps to build such a COM object. I hope that it can help you
quickly ramp up the knowledge of COM.

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