I dont understand this huge block of characters.....

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HI all i have no clue were i got this from it just showed up in my windows
update as a security update for it. how would i get this only thing i could
think of is i tryed a philips webcam and its software kept crashing so i
tried it threee more times with clean installes and no go so uninstalled its
crap for the third time. but i would think if it came from that it would took
it with it. now i do have a new logitech cam could it have come from this? or
i installed the comodo firewall would it have come from this stuff? anyhow i
don't see a uninstall for it and not sure if i should uninstall it anyhow i
don't want to break anything lol. but just curious how i got it as it's the
first i heard of it. thanks all.