Re: SHFileOperation Problem

Hello Kellie,

Thanks again for the great responde! One more question, is there a 'default'
user that I could use for this task without the need to create a new one just
to copy files from teh TEMP folder of my machine to a fully shared remote
I know that "Network Service" user is availiable but I don't know if it can
be used on this function you gave me because it's an NT AUTHORITY...

Thanks again!

Marcelo Grossi


Well, another option is using the API CreateProcessWithLogonW(),
this would spawn your application in the correct security context,
and the function does exactly the same thing as LogonUserEx() and
CreateProcessAsUser() and does not require any special privileges.

Just make sure that the user account you specify is allowed to login
interactively to your machine, you check that in the domain/local