Re: LogonUser issue in windows workgroup

On Aug 9, 7:58 am, Vizia <Vi...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We are using LogOnuser API to authenticate users in windows workgroup
environment and AD/Domain environment. The API works fine in AD/Domain
environment, but we found an issue in Workgroup environment.

Following is the API we are using:

auth = LogonUser(userName, Server_Domain_Name, decryptedPassWord,
ref pExistingTokenHandle);

No matter what the Server_Domain_Name argument is passed to the API, for a
valid userName/Password on the Log on Computer/Server, the user is getting
authenticated ( I believe the API is internally using the local Computer
Name, if the supplied argument is invalid).

Just I was wondering whether this is an issue with this API (for invalid
computer/Server name, the API is defaulting it to Local computer) or is there
any setting in my computer is causing this behavior.


Hello Vizai,

The API has always behaved this way. To my knowledge there is no way
to change the behavior.