Extending Kerberos with a Domain Controller SubAuthentication Filter

Can anyone from MS comment on creating a Domain Controller Sub
Authentication Package plus a client AP (authentication package) to
extend Kerberos to support multi-factored authentication, which would
be enforce by the domain controller?

The idea: The client AP would create a named-pipe on the client with
Local-System access only, write the biometric data into the named-
pipe, and make the Kerberos authentication call with password, and
then the Sub Authentication packages on the domain-controller would
open the named-pipe pull out the biometric credential and accept or
reject the Kerberos authentication. This mechanism could then be
extended to n-factors.

1. General comments on the idea of using a domain controller sub
authentication package + named pipe to extend Kerberos

2. Assuming the machine-authentication has already happened, how
reliable/feasible is it to use the named pipe to pass data from the
client to the server?

3. I'm assuming that by the time the domain-controller receives the
Kerberos request, the RPC subsystem that supports the named-pipes is
fully functional?


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