Hi Mats,

I'm developing a GINA for Windows XP that uses smart cards to logon. I
to do a network logon and I'm currently stuck in LsaLogonUser. I can't
any documentation on how to use KERB_SMART_CARD_LOGON and how to populate
cspData and cspDataLength. Any information about this structure or an
alternative solution would be greatly appreciated. Upgrading to Vista is
an option nor is saving username and password on the smart card.

Did you find any information on this?
I tried this a while ago as well, using some sort of badly documented format
information for the CspData field that came up when I googled for
KERB_SMART_CARD_LOGON and LsaLogonUser, but I always got
STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER (0xc000000d). (Though I did get LsaLogonUser to
work with the MSV1_0_INTERACTIVE_LOGON structure for username + password)
Did you have any more luck?