Re: PP_KEYSET_SEC_DESC for smartcards

Hi, Andrew:

All of the information I could find on the Internet and MSDN seemed to
imply that PP_KEYSET_SEC_DESC made no sense on smartcards, so we
didn't implement it on our CSP. The problem is that the new
application (although it recognized our CSP as a smart card CSP)
expected a valid security descriptor when it called CPGetProvParam,
and it failed when it didn't get one.
I implemented the parameter and the application is now working, but I
was troubled as to what security descriptor to choose: finally I just
gave full control to authenticated users, but I'm not sure if this is
correct for a smart card.

On 22 feb, 03:07, "Andrew Tucker [MSFT]" <AndrewSTuc...@xxxxxxxxx>
There is sample code for this property at

I am a little confused by your question though since you say that you
know it is not supported for smart card CSPs but an app is failing
because it doenst work. Can you clarify what problem you are having?

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I'm having trouble with parameter PP_KEYSET_SEC_DESC for
CPGetProvParam: I know it's not supposed to be used with smart cards
and it is generally ignored, but an application working on Vista with
our smartcard is failing because this parameter isn't implemented.
Does any one have any idea how to go about this? I haven't been able
to find any code example anywhere...
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