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Hi Jeffrey,

somehow the monitoring of the group did not work. Sorry for letting you wait. I just discovered the stuff you have written and I am now looking into it to understand things.

I am using different types of printers (shared and locally connected using IP or USB ports). I have not yet tested on something different than windows XP, as this is a client only application. Maybe on win2k/win2k3 things are different.

Thanks a lot for your answers.


Jeffrey Tan[MSFT] schrieb:
Hi Thomas,

Are you still monitoring this issue now? Is your problem resolved?

Calling OpenPrinter with a NULL pDefault parameter will request the correct permissions to listen on notifications on the printer and also for the whole server if only a server name is given for printer.

OpenPrinter(pPrinter, &hPrinter, NULL)
Using the NULL maps to PRINTER_ASSESS_USE for a printer and SERVER_READ for a server.

Normally, if certain user does not have enough access right, you should edit the DACL of the printer to grant the user PRINTER_ACCESS_USE access right, so that the user can call FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification successfully? However, normal users, by default can listen for printer notifications. You do not need to modify the DACL on the printer. I am curious to know why it fails in your scenario. Do you use network printer as my test scenario?

If you still need any help or have any concern, please feel free to tell me, thanks.

Best regards,
Jeffrey Tan
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