Re: XP login process

Be aware that GINA is dead as of Vista and later, so you are going to have
to completely rewrite your solution for future OS's.

Ken Johnson (Skywing)
Windows SDK MVP

"SteveS" <SteveSpencer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"Andy222222" wrote:

I'm not sure if this is the right newsgroup but here goes.

I have a workstation set up to allow default login. So when XP boots up
user is presented with the OK prompt. By clicking "OK" then the user is
automatically logged in to the default user account using default

However, I've now been given the task of giving the user the choice
two alternative user accounts. This might be achieved via some kind of
window. I imagine that this pop-up window would appear at some stage
the boot up process and before winlogin.exe is started. The default user
might be changed by whatever the user selects from the pop-up window.
I've no
idea whether this is possible though.

In a nutshell, what I require is some way in which I can offer the user
choice of 2 alternative accounts without requiring the user to actually
a username and password. A distinct username and password would be
automatically by system depending on a choice made by the operator.

I have no idea if something like this is possible but would welcome any

Sounds like Sir wants a custom GINA.

Steve S