Re: Privilegies not effecting


Thank you for your valiable advise and it worked well to large extent. but I
am facing few issues still. When iam setting ChangeSystemTime policy, or

They are getting effected quite after some time not exactly after seven
seconds. I had made neccassary configurations stating that "BackGround update
has to be carried out and refresh interval was set to 0 i.e., min of 7

But still When i loged out and loged in the policies are not getting
effected immediately.

and other thing is Backup and restore policy is not effecting and set
process priority is not functioning.

Can you Please Give me Some sort of solution for this.

I am using 2000 as Domain Controller with service pack 4 and the Client's
are xp with service pack 2 and windows 2000 professional.

awaiting for your earliest reply.

Thanks and regards,

"Skywing [MVP]" wrote:

Assuming that LsaAddAccountRights is not failing, make sure that the changes
have replicated to all domain controllers that might be used by a client to
logon (and ensure that the clients are not just using cached credentials).
Also, make sure that you are having the users log off and log on again, as
privileges are set in the token at creation time and won't track changes
made to the accounts database after the logon session is created.

Ken Johnson (Skywing)
Windows SDK MVP

"Mohd Moinuddin Pasha" <MohdMoinuddinPasha@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
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hi all,

I am using LsaAddPriviliges to add rights to an uses.

but i am facing a problem while doing so.

sechangeSystemtime is working fine.

but sebackupdirectories and many other policies are not working.

the changes are being made into domaincontroller. but, they are not
effected into the local logon systems. i have also change the
which updates the group policies for every 7 secs.

though they are not getting reflected into the clients.

can any one tell me the solution.

thanks and regards.