Re: PocketPC (PPC) 2003 Crypto engine 40-bit

daveed wrote on 11/01/2006 19:11:
I need to make the new PPC 2003 use 40-bit encryption for a MD5-RC4 hash password. I developed the code under PC 2000-2002 which used 40-bit encryption and now in 2003 it fails due to the newer (default) 128-bit upgrade.

So to provided backward compatibility I would like to use 40-bit when running on the PPC 20003 platform; how is this done?

hmmm, what about writing yourself a RC4 cipher ? (about 5 lines of code, + key initialisation ok) and your own MD5 hash (64 rounds and thus 64 constants to copy & paste from one of the numerous free implementation).


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