patch advapi32.dll in win2k sp4 to test a csp?

Hello,everyone,i'm a tenderfoot,
I am installing cspdk in window 2000 sp4,
but I don't know how to patch the advapi32.dll(the version of mine is
(the Microsoft CSPDK have patch only till win2k sp2),
I have search in the group,
but the most info I found is for Windows XP sp4
(modify the advapi32.dll as follow
offset old new
17c19 75 90
17c1a 0c 90
17c21 0f 90
17c22 84 e9
Can any body tell me how to patch advapi32.dll in win2k
Can any body tell me how to test a csp using a Kernel Debugger?
(how to install?how to load?I know little about Kernel Debugger )

Your help is much appreciated.


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