Re: Access Token with conflicting SIDs

Let's use this registry key as an example of what I'm working with:
(this is where the Sony root kit makes its "LowerFilters" entry)

In this case, I'm dealing with a key that already exists so I'm not the
one who set up the security on the reg keys. I'm just trying to modify
values in them. For some keys I may want to actually delete the entire

Are you suggesting that I change the DACL in the IDE or Enum registry
keys when you say "at a higher level"? I see that the CdRom_subkey
inherits it's permissions from IDE, which inherits from Enum. Enum
does not inherit from CurrentControlSet. I'm afraid I don't understand
what changes you are suggesting I make to those higher keys that will
keep their security intact.

I agree that I don't want to be changing an object's security
permissions on the fly. That is why I'm looking for a solution that
doesn't require modifying any DACLs. I don't understand why processes
created in an admin account are created with an access token that has
the Everyone SID in it which then hinders the way the process interacts
with securable objects.... there's got to be a better way to work with
secured objects than lowering their security, I hope?!

Thanks, again!


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