Re: User account management and information functions usage with trusted domains

Jeffrey Tan[MSFT] wrote:
Hi Sami,

Sorry for letting you wait for so long.

Based on my understand, you have 2 domains A and B, clientA is a client machine which joins domain A. Then you use a domain user of domain B(say it is userB) to do logon in machine clientA. At last, you test NetUserGetInfo and other network managed APIs on clientA(with B/userB as interactive user) machine to get B/userB account infomration, but it fails, yes? If I misunderstand you , please feel free to tell me, thanks.

Otherwise correct, but the user querying the info is a service in domain B. Error is ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED, last I tried.

I will try the example program also as soon as I am able (Tue is a national holiday here, so it will be Wedneday at the earliest).