Re: Custom CSP debugging

From: vincent godin (
Date: 10/14/05

Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 09:28:10 +0200

Hello Vivek,

Just wondering, are you sure you need to debug you CSP in Winlogon context ?
It's generally not required. To be able to test your CSP you effectively need to run Windows in debug mode (or patch the advapi32 as described). Once it is done crypt32.dll will be able to load your CSP.dll. This should be enough to test it : install you CSP.dll (as described in MS docs) and test it using a test software you build. You will be able to set breakpoints and run into your CSP code step by step.

On the other hand if you really need to debug your CSP function in winlogon context, I suggest you build a simple notification package to launch Visual Studio (or windbg if you don't have Visual tools). Remember to start your debugging application on si.lpDesktop = _T("winsta0\\Winlogon");
I can give you some code if needed.


>>Thanks for your reply,.. I think my post was not very clear in
>>describing the whole arrangement properly. This is exactly what I have
>>been doing,..
>>I have two machines : The Remote and the Test machine.
>>>>From my Remote machine I start a Kernel debug session on the Test
>>machine using WinDbg via the serial modem,.. CSP dll gets loaded and
>>the signing process is disabled,.. Now I need to test the CSP dll on my
>>test machine (winXP),.. Here I run another instance of WinDbg and
>>attach it to the winlogon process.
>>For the symbols path I point it to the folder where the pdb is located
>>for the CSP dll,..
>>What else do I need to do here? Are you suggesting that I run another
>>instance of the Kernel Debugger in the Test machine?
>>Regarding the 2nd Option, I copied the patch (I think provided by you
>>only,..) for WinXP-SP2, but I was unable to replace the advapi32.Dll
>>from the system folder,..
>>Please guide me here, totally lost,..

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