Re: GetFileSecurity return ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED

From: Azar (
Date: 10/09/05

Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 17:58:33 -0400

> The
> security for this CGI is "Windows Integrated Authentification"
> (Challenge/Response), so it is executed under the account of the user
> that launched Internet Explorer (a domain user).
> In that CGI, I need to execute functions such as "CreateFile" or
> "GetFileSecurity" on files through the network (drive mapped or UNC).
> These functions return ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED error code.

By "Challenge/Response" I presume you mean you are using NTLM
authentication. While NTLM allows the web server to verify the authenticity
of the client, it does not allow the web server to authenticate as the
client to another remote service (in this case, another file server).

You either have to get Kerberos authentication working or use "Basic
authentication". When using basic authentication, the user's username and
password will be queried by the web server and used to establish a local
logon session from which the web server can authenticate the user to other

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