Re: Utility to show ACL information?

From: Sam Hobbs (samuel_at_social.rr.com_change_social_to_socal)
Date: 09/21/05

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 03:15:41 -0700

I am definitely not a specialist.

If I understand what you are asking for, then perhaps WMI could help.

"Scott Bussinger" <Scott> wrote in
> Can anyone suggest a tool (GUI or command line) that displays only the
> ACLs
> assigned specifically on an entire directory tree (i.e. not showing
> inherited
> items)?
> To explain, on my system "C:\Program Files" has (among other things) an
> that allows administrators full control, power users modification control,
> and regular users read only access. What I'd like is a display showing
> that
> such and such an ACL is applied at this level and then changed here and
> amended there.
> We're writing some code that manipulates ACLs and would like an easier way
> to verify the results. Utilities like CACLS show you the effective details
> for any file/folder but I'd like to see a higher level report on the file
> access configuration. Surely someone must have written a utility (or
> there's
> a way to coerce some other tool) to show this?
> Thanks for any ideas!