Re: Callback function to handle CRYPT_USER_PROTECTED action

From: WT (wyt168_at_newsgroup.nospam)
Date: 09/20/05

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    Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 10:57:15 -0700

    "Rhett Gong [MSFT]" <> wrote in message
    > >do the work before the default MS base CSP is called. But the question
    > >what
    >>CryptoSPI calls should I monitor and intercept? Any suggestions as to what
    >>calls (relating to private key) to monitor?
    > Is it the password input window you need to intercept? Currently I am
    > debugging to see what API is used in this check, if
    > there is anything out, I will post it here.
    It's one of the dialog boxes I want to intercept. Actually what I want to do
    is to totally eliminate the pop-up of the dialog box and provide the require
    user input programmably. If that's not possible, an acceptable solution
    would be to let the dialog box pop up, but my program will provide the user
    input programmbly (I think I can use SendInput), and close the dialog box
    BTW. The other dialog box I want to eliminate is the one that pops up when I
    try to remove a CA cert.
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