Re: Finding what user is logged in.

From: Chuck Chopp (
Date: 08/11/05

Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 08:32:25 -0400

peeldog wrote:

> I am trying to write an NT Service that will start a task 5 mins after a user
> logs out, and terminate it as soon as they log back in again. Should I be
> using the console Handler routine to catch the logoff event? Or should I
> poll OpenWindowStation?

On Win2K [w/TS enabled] and Win2K3 servers, as well as WinXP systems, I've
had my services monitor the Terminal Services events so that *any* session,
including the console, can be monitored for logon & logoff events.

There's also Winlogon Notification Packages that you can write that will
tell you about these sorts of events, too.

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