How can I do OAEP Padding using CryptoAPI?
Date: 08/05/05

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    Date: 4 Aug 2005 22:28:29 -0700

    Dear Members.

    RSA support the OAEP Padding to prevent replay attack. (??)
    I heard that we can encrypt/decrypt data using MS CryptoAPI.
    and CAPI also support OAEP Padding.

    But I didn't find out how can I do OAEP padding using CAPI.

    My Crypto Processor decrypt data which is encrypted using OAEP Padding
    and RSA public key. But I encrypt without OAEP Padding. so my crypto
    processor complain about this. I want to solve this problem.
    I already know how to encrypt data using RSA public key using
    CryptoAPI. But The method of doing OAEP padding didn't find out in

    Although I searched on msdn and newsgroup, most of people talk about
    this issue on .NET environment instead of platform SDK (CryptoAPI).
    But, I neeed to implement RAS Encryption with OAEP Padding on Platform
    SDK (CryptoAPI) with Visual C++ 6.0.

    If you know about this issue. please tell me.

    Best Regards.

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