EAP framework (question about RasEapBegin)

From: Duluoz (filippo_capocasale_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 04/17/05

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    Date: 17 Apr 2005 08:33:22 -0700

    I'm trying to develop an EAP client dll, using the framework provided
    by the MS Platform SDK.
    I've started by modifying the sample provided by Microsoft msdn.
    I've registered my dll.
    >From my log file I see that at the reboot time the RasEapGetInfo
    function is called. In this function I set the pointer to the
    functions RasEapInitialize, RasEapBegin,RasEapMakeMessage and
    RasEapEnd (that are implemented in the same dll). Just after the
    RasEapGetInfo, I see that the RasEapInitialize function is called.
    I have configured a connection to use the EAP implementation provided
    by my dll (if i click on the properties button the
    RasEapInvokeConfigUI function is executed and my custom dialog box
    When I try to establish a connection the RasEapGetIdentity function is
    But at this point nobody calls the RasEapBegin function... Reading the
    documentation I believe I have understood that RasEapBegin gets
    automatically called on successful return of RasEapGetIdentity. In my
    case RasEapGetIdentity returns NO_ERROR and provides the identity in
    the ppwszIdentity and ppUserDataOut parameters. So I wonder why
    RasEapBegin is not called.
    By sniffing with Ethereal I even see that the server is sending the
    Eap_Request_Identity packet, but RasEapMakeMessage is not invoked.
    This is getting me confused...
    I would appreciate any comment, suggestion and idea!
    Most of all I would like to know if someone else has already
    experienced (and maybe solved!) such a problem.
       Thankyou very much!

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