Reading server certificate
Date: 01/05/05

Date: 5 Jan 2005 09:22:53 -0800

Hi all,

I wondering is it possible to read server certificate (subject field,
or CN only) when accessing https site from IE and how?

I am trying to find way how to determine am I on site which use
particular certificate.
For example when I go to (certificate is issued
by verisign) I need somehow read cn field from server cert, like CN = on this way I will know that I am on yahoo site.
Solutions like reading url from IE are not appropriate for application.

I have implement certificate store provider, but IE search only for
Verisign CA cert (by MD5 pub key) not for cert since
this is server cert.

Can I read it using BHO (browser helper object) or there is some other
way of doing this?


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