Re: How to Decrypt using Public Key?

From: Sergio Dutra [MS] (
Date: 08/24/04

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    Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 08:18:54 -0700

    Bell is correct. However, in certain cases - as in a digital signature - one
    encrypts with the private key so anyone can decrypt with the public key and
    verify that the document/data did indeed come from the holder of the private

    To decrypt information encrypted with the private key given a certificate,
    you need to obtain the PCCERT_CONTEXT (from enumerating the store or loading
    the certificate from a file) and then call CryptImportPublicKeyInfo, passing
    in the certificate context's PCERT_PUBLIC_KEY_INFO.

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    "Bell Kwong" <> wrote in message 
    > In general, public key is used for encryption, and private key for
    > decryption.
    > "Kumar" <>
    > $b14335c0$a401280a@phx.gbl...
    >> Hi,
    >>   I have generated a certificate in unix/java, exported
    >>   the certificate to a file. The same certificate is
    >>   imported into windows.
    >>   Now, I have a message encrypted using private key on
    >>   unix/java platform with the same certificate generated
    >>   above. The encrypted message is send across to an
    >>   Windows m/c in a file.
    >>   Can any one let me know the process of decrypting the
    >>   encrypted message using the public key that i have
    >>   imported into certificate store.
    >> Thanks & Regards,
    >> -Satish

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