RE: How to determine in NPLogonNotify???

From: Raj (
Date: 07/03/04

Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 20:58:01 -0700

  MPR calls NPLogonNotify() function of Credential Manager when ever a logon event has occured. Unlocking is not Logon event.

  And, MPR calls this function for allowing CM to return a logon script which will be executed by MPR. So at un-locking time no need to call this. What do u think abt this?

- &Raj.

"Suchrithaa Rajkumar" wrote:

> if it is during the new logon or during workstation unlock?
> I would like to know if NpLogonNotify is invoked during regular login or
> during manual unlock. Is there a neater way possible to find out this from
> a credential manager DLL?
> Regards
> Suchrithaa