Re: GetKeyState API, key loggers and internet banking security

From: PCLogger (
Date: 06/26/04

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    Date: 25 Jun 2004 16:33:56 -0700

    "pianoman" <> wrote in message news:<>...
    > I havent tried your program. It would be more useful if it were released in source code form. (Dont get me wrong but if one does not trust 'alien' computer programs would not trust your security solution either, right?:) But this means not to ever install any shareware/freeware, but that is not feasible.)
    But releasing the source code form is not a good idea as it would
    allow novice hackers to abuse their new found knowledge. Don't you
    think so? A better option would be to have ipGuardian digitally signed
    to prove its authenticity. That we would do it in due time.

    > By the way, technically it is also possible to log mouse clicks and the picture beneath the clicked location. (the bank also uses a numeric keypad that looks like a phone keyboard that is used with a mouse, intended to be a trick against keyloggers, but... it was easy to write a program that would log the picture under the clicked point)
    That was what I was alluding to .. using journalling techniques. Yes,
    we could only make it more difficult but it is still breakable. It
    would be a continuing effort from hackers and anti-hackers to devise
    new technologies and new techniques to combat against each other...

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