Re: SCardUIDlgSelectCard Problem

From: Aftab Alam (
Date: 03/25/04

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 19:16:55 +0500

Hello All
I got the issue solved as I was using
char *szCardName instead of using an array like char szCardName[256]
anyways now I have successfully used
SCardConnect function but I am unable to understand the SCardTransmit,
I want to use it for accessing Provate key present in Smartcard ?? how can I
achieve it .

best Regards
Muhammad Aftab Alam

"Aftab Alam" <> wrote in message
> Hello All
> I am using SCardUIDlgSelectCard Function.
> the Dialog is diplayed which contains the list of smart cards attached
> my system
> now If I press Cancel on the Diloag the application through which I am
> calling this diload works fine but if I press ok then the application
> and I want to know that if the user select the Attached smart card reader
> and then press "OK" then can I get name and other information regarding
> card ??
> best Regards
> Muhammad Aftab Alam