starting LanmanWorkstation in WlxInitialize from cascaded GINA on XP

From: Igor Jovanovski (
Date: 01/16/04

Date: 16 Jan 2004 02:33:47 -0800

Our GINA needs to read some data from ADS.
In order for that to be possible the LanmanWorkstation service needs
to be up and runing. With Win 2000 everything is OK because before
WlxInitialize from GINA is called the LanmanWorkstation service is
Unfortenately with Win XP problems apear:
WlxInitialize is called before the service starts running (XP boots
faster then W2K, so maybe this is the price? Winlogon is kicked of
earlier the before?)

So in order to solve the problem we decided to start the service
programaticaly within WlxInitialize with StartService. With this
approach everything was OK but then the icon(s) from network
connections was missing!
I searched the discussion groups but could not find help.

Some light on the problem will be highly appreciated.
Oh yes, waiting on the service also might be possible but it can take
to much time during booting.

Igor Jovanovski
Guardeonic Solutions AG