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From: David Cross [MS] (
Date: 01/15/04

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 05:19:06 -0800

1. a client authentication certificate denoted by the client auth OID in
the EKU extension

2. you would have to wrap the ICEnroll methods and the ICertRequest methods
using PInvoke if you want this to be a ASP.NET application

David B. Cross [MS]

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"MR. UNDERHILL" <> wrote in message
> I have a web site (IIS/ASP.NET), this is a B2B solution, I
> want to generate certificates for my suppliers for them to
> be able to access my web site, suppliers without
> certificate installed shouldn't be allow to access my
> website.
> Question 1:
> What type of certificate is commonly use with IIS in this
> type of application.  I understand that I can use a CA
> Service to generate those.  In the "WORLD" of
> Certificates, what type of certificate is this?
> The second thing I need is, to be able to generate
> certificates without using the Console Application
> provided by the CA because I need to add some custom logic
> to it, like, sending notification e-mails and storing
> certificate information in my supplier database.
> Question 2.
> How can I create a custom .net application to generate
> certificates?  I'm looking right now some samples in the
> Core SDK to create a C++ dll, I know how to use Platform
> Invoke to interop with that .dll.  But better ask is
> somebody has better options.
> Finally, I need to be able in the process of
> authentication of the supplier on my website, be able to
> extract from the HTTP Request that same piece of
> information from the certificate that I stored in the
> supplier database and validate that match the
> user/password/certificate combination, the supplier
> provides the user/password, but my .aspx page also needs
> to retrive from the HTTP Request the collection of
> certificates and be able to see if it match the one assing
> in my supplier database.
> Question 3.
> Is this posible?  Can I retrieve certificate information
> from the HTTP Request?
> Thanks a lot!!!

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