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Date: 12/17/03

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 05:01:34 GMT

Hi John,
and network providers are the components of the interactive logon model.
The interactive logon procedure is normally controlled by Winlogon,
MSGina.dll, and network providers. To change the interactive logon
procedure, MSGina.dll can be replaced with a customized GINA DLL.
    To work with Winlogon, the GINA, and network providers, you should have
a firm knowledge of the Windows security architecture, especially with
regard to tokens, authentication packages, and related matters.
    For information about specific functions and structures, see
ecurity/security/authentication_reference.asp). This reference section
includes descriptions of the functions that a GINA DLL must implement, the
Winlogon support functions that the GINA DLL can call, and the data
structures used to pass information between Winlogon and the GINA.
    Sample GINA code can be found in the Platform SDK Security samples. The
samples contain C code for implementing a GINA stub and a GINA hook. For
more information about custom GINA DLL development, send an e-mail message

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