Re: Remote Locking II

From: Eugene Mayevski (
Date: 09/17/03

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:11:10 +0300

Carl Meyer wrote:

> What I am looking for is the call to remotely lock the workstation (via an
> administrator account). If no remote call is available to do this I wish to
> use a local call which is issued by sending a client app (winsock) a message
> to invoke the call.

There can be several solutions depending on which OS the client runs. If
the client is NT-based (NT/2000/XP), then you can create service
application which, when running, will block all activity in some way.
And you will be able to start/stop that service remotely using service API.

If the remote workstation is Win 9x-based, you will need to create two
processes and control them manually. Two are needed to prevent them from
being closed -- they will monitor each other and restart the partner, if
it is killed (by the user or due to a crash).
You can use MsgConnect ( for sending commands
to remote applications.

Eugene Mayevski
EldoS Corp., CTO
Networking and security solutions, custom development services

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